Month: September 2014

What Makes a Good Boss a Great Leader?

Over the course of the last four decades I’ve worked for some amazing people. Each combined management skills with that “magic” ingredient to become the kind of leaders one wanted to follow into battle. These are the men and women who always find a way to win regardless of the odds or conventional wisdom.

What is the “magic”?

Let’s put personal integrity at the top. Integrity is built on a foundation of trust. With trust new heights are scaled. The seemingly unconquerable is vanquished. But, trust is fragile. It must be renewed, refreshed and replenished frequently.

Lazy managers – those who live off of past victories tend to take their eye off the ball and, fail to accept responsibility, and scatter blame across the organization quickly eroding that all important trust factor.

Great leaders spend most of their time listening not working with recognized stars but, spending time with highly promising team members. It’s easy to hang with the stars sharing their glow but, generally speaking, star hanging does little to build for the future and will foster resentment across the ranks.

When one listens and then reacts positively – sharing vision, defining each team member’s role and supporting them in that role good managers become great leaders. We’ve all heard managers preach while leaders roll up their sleeves unafraid of getting their hands dirty. We love those leaders, right?

Have you worked for managers who try to lead by throwing more money, making promises they can’t keep, painting glorious pictures that never materialize, constantly calling out your weaknesses or simply fail to provide the tools needed for success?

My advice?

If you’re looking for a career change do yourself a huge life-changing favor – spend the time necessary during the interview process to be certain you’re working for a leader.