Month: February 2015

Why Search Firms Fail

Change Sign

Let me set the scene. It feels like a cold and rainy night. It’s certainly not sunny and clear. The client is slow to respond, feedback is delivered only when requested, the contact person can’t remember if they’ve forwarded a candidate to the hiring manager or eliminated the person from consideration, and it’s been over 60 days since the initial contact with the candidate, who, having cleared the preliminary hurdles, is still waiting to speak with the hiring manager.
Sound familiar?
Suddenly the clouds appear to be breaking. A sliver of light shines through and the familiar ping of an arriving email sounds. Could it be that long awaited response and perhaps something to share with top notch candidates ready to power-up their careers with the hiring company?
After reading the email twice, getting up from the desk and taking a frustrated stroll it’s suddenly crystal clear. The client is having second thoughts about the job. Not the candidates but the job. Should the job description be broadened? What does the market segment really look like and what might it generate in revenue? Do we need someone more senior? More junior?
Oh, damned uncertainty! Oh muse show the way!
Search firms don’t fail. Clients fail their search firms. Do simple math. If a sales position with a $1 MM annual goal takes four months to fill is it logical the expected revenue will be less than $1 MM? How much new hire enthusiasm will be lost as time drags on? Is the hiring company’s reputation at risk?
Companies – reduce the time it takes to hire but don’t lower standards and know the job you’re hiring for before starting the process.
Candidates – Press for a commitment to move forward based on a mutually agreed upon time frame and hold everyone accountable.
Your thoughts?