Month: May 2015

Job Candidates Do You Own This Nightmare?


It’s every recruiter’s nightmare. You spend hours sourcing and, then, in great detail, present the perfect candidate. Followed by negotiating an offer that both the client and the candidate find acceptable. After a verbal acceptance, the candidate uses the offer as leverage to gain a better deal from their present employer. In the end, Ms./Mr. Recruiter, it makes you look stupid in front of your client and left feeling resentful that the candidate “played” you.

But as the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you: fool me twice shame on me”.

Candidates who accept counter offers make a huge mistake. The statistics are undeniable. People who accept a counter offer are usually gone within a year. Why? They remember how unhappy they were in the first place. And recruiters have long memories. Some refer to this (unethical) move as a “bridge burner”. And know this, smart employers NEVER make counter offers because they’ve learned from past experience unhappy employees always come to the senses. And leave.

While today’s economy teaches people there is no such thing as corporate loyalty (except in rare instances), personal loyalty has never been stronger. Baby boomers were taught early in their careers to never make enemies because one never knew where that person might end up – client, boss or colleague. This is a lesson many Millennials don’t seem to have fully grasped. And, they wonder why they encounter such strong resentment from their more experienced associates.

Who Cares About First Impressions?

What you should focus on

While searching for the perfect candidate I came across this intriguing title, “Director of First Impressions” which included a detailed job description.

Director of First Impressions – February 2005 – Present (9 years 9 months)


• Ensure effortless efficiency for all manner of receptionist transactions for visitors and the agency’s 150+ employees including but not limited to: answering, screening and routing calls Greeting and accommodating visitors
• Scheduling for seven conference rooms
• Regulating company’s phone system
• In charge of company’s access control system
• Troubleshoot all office equipment (copiers, printers and appliances)
• Responsible for refilling and maintaining postage machine
• Processing all incoming/outgoing mail including FEDEX/UPS
• Preparing expense reports for three managers
• Processing office management invoices
• Proofreading of business documents when needed
• Responsible for catering in-house meetings
• Ordered all office and kitchen supplies
• Manage cleaning staff (three)
• Oversee the upkeep of the reception area and conference rooms
• Reliable as main “eyes & security” of agency’s three and a half floors
• Distributing company paychecks/paystub/TransitCheks

Director of First Impressions is not an original title but in our digitally charged, 24/7 world where corporate culture is as important as a pay check remember the importance of first impressions. Some first impressions open the door and move you to the head of the line. Others initiate the opportunity to build trust. Occasionally first impressions start a friendship.

Whether you’re selling yourself to win that next great job or you’re selling a product or service remember the nominal cost of making a good first impression pays huge future dividends.