Get Professional. Start Your Career.

Character vs Tech Knowledge

Lately I’ve received a number of referrals looking to break into anything digital. After reviewing a bunch of resumes and checking out social media profiles here’s my response to a young, honors graduate from a top tier Boston area private university, currently working in finance and planning to relocate to NYC.

Dear Candidate,

Here’s some advice (listed below in no particular order of importance).
• Grow your contacts
• Replace your photo with a professional head-shot
• Add your resume’s narrative to each job emphasizing results, milestones, innovations, etc.
• Ask employers and associates for recommendations – important!
• Include any fraternal, athletic or college associations noting leadership positions
• Add professional groups that reflect your career objectives
• Add individuals to follow – again reflecting career interests or leadership qualities that you expect to emulate
Your Resume
• Add any volunteer experience – current or past (should also be included on LinkedIn)
• Education – your resume and LinkedIn don’t match. Edit to match
Your Career – I’m going to assume you’re interested in all things digital, right? OK, so I suggest considering the following:
• Start with leader companies – places that offer internal training, mentoring and rapid career advancement – the start-ups will always be around and for every story about hitting it big with a start-up there’s scores of untold failures.
• Think about where you’d like to be 2-3 jobs from now. Find some folks who have those jobs – reach out, tell them you’re green and would like to buy them coffee just to learn what they know and how they got to where they are now. Sometimes magic happens.
• Consider Internships if you’re not fixed on a specific job type. Try to get those that pay (important for NYC living) and offer a duration of 6 months (takes 90 days to find the water closet).
• Join NYC groups and associations that reflect your career interests. Network. People will recommend those they like for jobs in their company (sometimes they earn a bonus for recommending new hires)
• Get involved – volunteer – another great networking environment plus it makes you feel good and keeps Karma happy
• If digital is your passion check with the Interactive Advertising Bureau for information on earning certifications that align with your interests and the marketplace. Sign-up, study, and get certified.
Social Media – make certain all social media reflects the professional you – you can certainly be fun loving, active, etc. but ditch the stuff you might not want to explain to your Grandmother or clergy.

I’m confident anyone reading this might have a suggestion or two so keep the advice flowing. Might just add a few Karma credits!

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